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About me. About my purpose.

It's how I empower my community. HOME! We are recharged at home. Let me just say – HOME is a certified Happy Place! We can hike – make a fire – relax together – and let the kids play. Just add friends for a glimpse of paradise.

If I can help others achieve this feeling through real estate investing and gain financial independence... then my passion for providing HOME is my definition of LOVE.



★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Jamie is the first real estate agent that I have worked with that truly made me feel like I was a priority. He was a great sound board and resource during the whole process. He is realistic.

     - Joe G, Girdwood - Alaska

From start to finish and everything in between Jamie Rose was always there. His knowledge and expertise superseded the normal. House on market up for 13days and we had a buyer. Thanks again for helping us get into this beautiful home. 

     - SC, Anchorage

Jamie Rose Alaska Real Estate




"You're a murder of love!"

I’m married! Erica is my amazing wife, and we are celebrating over 12 years of being married! (2008 was the Summer of Love) Marrying this beautiful, intelligent, creative, disciplined, driven, loving, faithful, and generous woman was the best investment I can ever claim to have made.

I LOVE being outdoors. Ever since I was five and we lived in Angoon – I have loved being among trees, or down by the ocean, or up above tree-line on a mountainside since I can remember. Our new home in Anchorage is a major blessing for us – as it allows us to enjoy the outdoors daily!

I am committed to following Jesus’ life and example. The greatest investment ever placed in me – was when the God who created me – gave his son for me! I am GRATEFUL for the life given to me; each breath is a gift – and I try to live from that belief more each day. The first 10+ years out of college for me were spent serving youth and young adult ministry through an Alaskan non-profit ministry: Covenant Youth of Alaska (

I am an INVESTOR! In the 2nd Grade – I got to participate in a special session teaching us about Mutual Funds – in middle school I invested my lawn money into mutual funds – I’d come home from school and call in the 1-800 number to hear how they closed at the end of the day – then go down the hall to our old IBM PC to plug the numbers into an Excel spreadsheet and see how we’d done that day. I was hooked on the idea of financial independence. I studied Finance and earned a Business & Economics B.S. from North Park University in this vein – and am excited to bring a broader financial and economic perspective to my clients as an advisor in their home / and investment property decisions!

I am a lifelong learner.



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